Hang your hat with Michael Murphy
Hang your hat with Michael Murphy

Water Conservation Consulting

Water Quality Planning Classes Taught by Michael at SRJC

Michael Murphy will be teaching a class this spring semester at the Santa Rosa Junior College.  This course (EQSCI 161: Equine Facilities Water Quality Planning) is designed to provide those involved with equine science and equine business with information about good horse keeping management practices to reduce potential pollution problems.  The 8-week class starts February 25, 2009 to April 22, 2009.  It meets Wednesday night at the Shone Farm campus.


Conservation practices that protect water quality at horse facilities add to a horse property’s value, promote horse health, build good relations between neighbors, and discourage further regulation.  While horses contribute only a small fraction of the total pollutants entering local waterways, horse owners and facility managers bear the responsibility to minimize water pollution through: 


·         Facility design and siting

·         Horse waste management

·         Stormwater runoff management

·         Pasture and paddock care

·         Protection of waterbodies


Implementation of conservation practices does not need to be costly.  Often a slight change in operations will achieve the desired result.  How can horse waste and erosion affect water quality?  How well are you as a horse owner protecting water quality?  What more can you do?


Answer these questions, learn techniques to improve facilities, and have fun at the same time.  Registration information for spring class can be obtained at www.santarosa.edu/weblink, or by telephone 525-3800

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