Hang your hat with Michael Murphy
Hang your hat with Michael Murphy

Equine Property Checklist

Buying and owning country property involves many considerations and regulations which do not exist with city residential property.  However, moving to land can be done with relative ease once you are properly prepared.


I am an expert on land, land management, and specifically equine property and equine property management.  I've spent decades owning land, managing land, consulting to land owners, and consulting to government agencies about land use and equine use.  When I became a realtor, nearly two decades ago, I developed this checklist to empower my clients to select and purchase the right property for them.


I have developed an extensive checklist of important details about equine property which I gladly give to my clients to assist them in assessing what kind of property they really want to purchase.  Built into this checklist are decades of expertise in ranch plans, use permits, zoning permits, erosion issues, water quality issues, Fish and Game complaints, agriculture building permits, and manure management.


As always, I welcome the opportunity to represent you as your realtor so I can contribute all of my experience to your successful purchase!

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It's a great idea to paint all the rooms in the house you are selling a neutral color.


This will make it easy for your prospective buyer to have an idea of what their furniture will look like in their new house. 


This also makes each room of your house for sale appear larger and gives a clean, wholesome feeling to the home.





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